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Happy Almost Halloween!

Wow - The months really have whizzed away! This summer has been a particularly busy one for Synchronicity Strings - it has taken me this long to come up for a breath to update our news. This summer we have been honored to participate in the weddings of many beautiful couples. It is humbling to hear the promise to "love and cherish til death do us part" declared again and again, week after week. Those are some big words and that's a huge promise - there is clearly much love in the SF / Wine Country air!

Some highlights of the summer included seeing Lisa and Lena tie the knot after prop 8 was overturned; playing at Treasure Island Chapel on the one weekend of the year that the Bay Bridge was closed; and playing for a favorite planner's own wedding (where a New Orleans jazz band led the recessional - fun!).

It should also be noted that we LOVE our continued with so many talented event planners. It really does make the wedding day go so much smoother when we know the planner, have worked together before and know how to follow each others' cues.

Apart from weddings we've also been kept busy with some fun corporate events. A Breast Cancer Awareness tea party at the Mezannine in SF, rocking out loud with DJ and drums, and a masquerade ball at the new Explroratorium were a few highlights.

Check out Keith in his spooky themed Masquerade costume! Thanks to Entire Production for this one.

I have also been kept out of mischief by writing many new arrangements in response to the special requests of this summer's bookings. I have to say I love this part of the job! Listening to the song, figuring out the best way to perform it as a string quartet and then seeing the joy when a couple hears their special song bought to life in the strings brings me so much pleasure. I am going to estimate that in the past few months I've added 40 new songs to the repertoire list: everything from The Smiths to Daft Punk with lots of great tunes inbetween! I love it!

The season is still in full swing. More weddings for the next few weeks and then the holiday parties begin. We are looking forward to shaking the dust off our Christmas Pops arrangements!

Happy Trick or Treating on Thursday. I will be taking my little "knight in shining armor" and "tooth fairy" out and about to scare the neighborhood! Wish me luck!

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