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February is flying by...​

​Last weekend we performed at the beautiful Flood Mansion in San Francisco. The event was a showcase for brides organized by Blu Bungalow and Entire Productions. I love that venue - the accoustic is just perfect for strings! We played as a duo and the music boomed through the hallways. No microphones needed there!

In the past few weeks we've also been spotted out in San Ramon (three times in one weekend - funny how that happens!), Villa Montavo in Saratoga and the Testorra Winery in Los Gatos. We played the SF Wedding Fair at the Four Seasons Hotel, SF with Entire Productions and serenaded guests as they entered the event. After we finished playing our arms were twisted into trying the many food samples on offer by the various caterers, bakers, cake makers etc. Yum, yum, yum! The SF Bay Area is full of talented foodies :)

And the email inbox has been flooded with inquiries for's going to be a busy summer!

Well, must dash - Friday is my daughter's 4th birthday. I've got to hunt down some treats to delight the birthday girl and her friends before we visit Fairyland to celebrate!

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